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"With bisexuality you get the stupidest fucking questions. Who is better in bed, a man or a woman? Who do you prefer living with or being with, a man or a woman? Which do you like more? Which porn turns you on the most? Lots of people think bisexuality is a phase. But that is my life. I'll always be attracted to men and woman, I can't help it. I was literally born that way. I got with this guy once, ages ago and I said to him 'I'm bisexual, I like men and woman', he was like 'okay, cool' and then I bumped into him the other day when I was at a club, you know he knew that I was with Rose, and he was like 'Oh, so I hear you just completely bet for the other team now, you a complete lesbian' and I was like 'No, still bi. What makes you think that?' and he was like 'You're with a woman' and I was like 'Yeaa! And I told you I was bi! I told you I like men and woman, and I'm with a woman, why am I suddenly a lesbian?' I just wanna be in a monogamous relationship, I only wanna be with one person but I'm bisexual. I can't be with a man and a woman, like I'm not polyamorous, I'm not gonna be with a man and a woman at the same time. When I'm in a relationship I'm only gonna be with one of those people and it doesn't make me straight, it doesn't make me gay. Still bi, sexuality hasn't changed. It's unintelligent, like it's not using your brain. I've told you I like men and woman and I'm with one of them in a monogamous relationship, why you calling me straight or gay? Why can't I stay bi?! It seems if you're only bi, if you're single. That doesn't make sense. You can't only be one sexuality when you are single and another sexuality in a relationship. Fuck you! Bisexuals aren't as accepted in LGBT community. And I'm not saying that everyone doesn't accept them, 'cause there are people who accept us but we're not completely accepted, we're not. Bisexuals are not completely accepted and that's hard. Some people can't get past the sex and that's upsetting and that's also narrow-minded. That's also what homophobic people feel - they can't get past the sex." 
- TheRoxetera, Rosie       
30.5.16 14:30


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